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Dr Bruce Menzies Turns 101

Dr Bruce Menzies was born in Drummoyne on the 2nd March 1917. He remarkably survived World War 2 and spent the majority of his extraordinary life serving others, saving lives and delivering babies! Together we calculated that Bruce probably welcomed more than 2000 lives into this world during his time as a GP.

At 100, Bruce is Bayswater Garden’s most senior resident and this certainly attracts a lot of curiosity. Fellow residents and staff alike wish to learn the secrets of Bruce’s longevity and good health. Is Bruce a vegetarian? Does he drink wine? Has he always enjoyed 8 hours of sleep per night? Bruce dispels the mystery, and attributes his longevity to genetics and exercise. He was a terrific squash player for decades and then took up tennis and golf. He enjoys bacon and eggs for breakfast, has always eaten a well-rounded diet including meat dishes and takes a dash of whiskey each evening prior to dinner.

Of course, Bruce’s sleep has been greatly disturbed for most of his life since babies don’t wait for an appointment to be born! Today he sleeps wonderfully well, but attributes this to never napping throughout the day. His mind is as sharp as a tack and his memory as clear as his twinkling blue eyes. He explains that the 50’s were the best years of his life. The war had ended. He had met and married the love of his life, started his own family and taken up residency at his father’s medical practice. Life was good.

Today his joy comes in the form of 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren that keep him busy and perhaps even out of mischief! Bruce has absolutely no regrets. He has taken holidays both internationally and nationally but he favours adventures within our great land. He completely circumnavigated Australia with his wife and friends in an 8-person plane. He found Tasmania, Alice Springs and the Kimberly to be particularly spectacular and unusual. Bruce is up to date with technology, sends emails via his iPad and has iPhone handy. He also enjoys a good book and we find one that we greatly enjoyed in common.

The 100 year old man who “jumped out of the window and disappeared” – I look at him warily. Is he kidding me? I make a mental note to check on him daily. If he’s going on an adventure, I want to go too!

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